Meet Emma- your personal AI-powered tour-guide for travel

Travel freedom. Explore new please in short, fun dialogues. Get instant information  and feedback from our proprietary artificial intelligence technology

The best way to explore the world
The small talks with Emma is fun and addictive. Our bite-sizes stories is informative.
Find tailored routes to your interests
Take a thoughtfully designed, short test and get tailored content to you. In addition to that, Emma learns with every time you use her
Get your personal tour guide
Emma tell you stories of the city, help you buy tickets and find a please to dine out.


Emma, Tour Guide Speech Assistant, is a fun and engaging app specially designed to improve journey experience. Emma’s artificial intelligence technology was developed using data of professional tour guide. This allows Emma to recognize the different speech patterns on request and give diversity content

AI-powered travel assistant that helps you explorer cultural of the place

Caring Emma pays close attention to every bit of your request you make along the way, and reminds you when you go off track. Emma tell you stories along the way about all for way

Real - Time speech feedback

We are the first and best travel voice assistant app, designed to easier and freedom immersion in the cultural. This enables the traveler to quickly identify and get any information about the place which you need when traveling

An intelligent, adaptive Learning system

Emma get smarter every day! Traditional travel is transformed by our personalized content selection. Our self-evolving AI analyzes performance and behavioral data to personalize each individual tourist route

Emma by the Numbers

45min of walk with Emma is equivalent to 3 tour guides’ knowledge or 3 hours consuming Internet search.

*Based on company’s research data


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